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keeping a blog updated is hard work.

Anyways, here are some mini paintings I managed to do for my co-workers this Christmas.They are done with acrylics which I haven’t used in a long time. They measure about 3″x5″. Birds, Cupcakes and skulls.

I also made a card for my friend’s birthday which is a bird and it says Fuck yea on it. It was done with watercolours. I guess birds and expletives are my go to images.


MADE WITH:  chocolate plastique (modeling chocolate)

I had the opportunity to make a Halloween cake for two newlyweds for their party. My co-worker and I made figures out of chocolate plastique. I made two figures that resembled the couple in skeleton form, I even painted on a small tattoo on one of the skeletons to match the person. I also made a demon figure to resemble our supervisor. There were also spiders, gravestones, pumpkins and eyes. The cake was made to resemble a giant zombie boob and we placed the figures around it. There was even a swamp with little sprinkle bones. It was a really fun project and the couple liked the cake. Great Success!

and as the title says I’m not dead. I should be making more posts soon.



MADE WITH: watercolours and pen

Oh hey. I finally did some drawing and here’s a floating flaming skull. Someone told me that their childhood fear was a floating skull on fire outside their house that would watch him through the windows. Sounded awesome so I drew it for him. YAY RELIVING CHILDHOOD TRAUMA.


So I haven’t been updating this blog regularly. Shame on me. Here are some things I done recently. Just some drawings in my sketchbook here and there. I also pressed some flowers. They turned out alright. I think the pansies were the best because they were already quite flat to begin with.

Anyways, I should continue filling up my sketchbook and updating this blog.

Slowly but surely I will.



Made with: Watercolours, pen

I made a birthday card/drawing for my good friend Rene. The gifts I got her had an Alice in Wonderland theme so I drew Alice going down the rabbit hole. If anyone is wondering what the stars and bat is all about, its quoted from the little door mouse that was sleeping in the teapot. He says ” twinkle twinkle little bat, how i wonder where you’re at”  or something along those lines.

So, I haven’t done any other drawing otherwise, I should really try to get on that. Hopefully more little drawings coming soon.

None of this “neglecting my blog” business.

Click to view larger.


Made with : MS Paint

Made a valentine to share because if I’m willing to punch bears in the throat, you know I care.

Click to view larger.

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Made with: watercolour and pen

Another set of little drawings from my sketchbook. I haven’t been doing anything in it lately. Those little ink blot drawings were particularly fun to do. I just drew what I saw. Yes, I saw a flaming monkey in a bucket.